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Recruiter Name Action type Title My actions Date created Implemented?
Generating candidates through headhunting - Part 1 qualify fast, establish motivators, if happy where they are " what if your next job comes my way - what does that job look like". Selling search/headhunting to clients - skills shortage, specific skills set, limited candidates available,... May 30 2017 No
Building client relationships Building Relationships Creating Rapoir Building repor is essential towards creating strong relationships with clients – means to be in sync with someone Building Value Value is the second step towards creating clients relationships – its about creating benefits for the... Jan 06 2017 No
Marketing candidates to make placements Changes to Marketing Calls Change structure for placing candidates View all Nov 24 2016 No
The power of detail and how to make your jobs easier to fill Why do you not fill every job you take? Not enough good candidates? Improve candidate sourcing ability. Un co-operative client / poor client control?Improve client control/find better clients. Role/company not attractive enough? Ask better questions... Jun 15 2016 No