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Cirque Consulting Limited

Cirque Consulting is a niche training and coaching provider, we provide structured training programmes within the recruitment sector but also in leadership, performance improvement and psychometric testing to understand culture or as part of an on-boarding process. We offer tailored training solutions to every recruitment business regardless of industry or specialism. Our classroom based training sessions are used either as part of the on-boarding, induction process or as part of a development programme for seasoned recruiters and emerging leaders. We are accredited to use Hogans Science Of Personality testing, which we often use as as part of our coaching to provide a full service from diagnostics to on-boarding to long term development, this allows you to understand your team, their motivations and look at the cultural fit and alignment, this has proven to create long term sustainability in order to grow as a recruitment business, you have to ensure that your staff stay, Invest in your team!
Vanessa has an extensive background in recruitment which clearly stands out in the training sessions. As a professional recruiter, I found her to be very knowledgeable and more so she is able to connect with her audience. I use her literature around "candidate psychology " on a daily basis and this has improved my productivity and fill rate success. Highly recommend her services.