The Billings Accelerator Programme of videos and recorded webinars – comprises 27 hours of high quality content, delivered by some of the world’s most successful recruiters.


As a trainee, you may wish to fast-track your new recruitment career by working through all 18 modules below. If you’re experienced, you might prefer to pick and choose modules that are most likely to boost your billings.  If time is short try watching some VIDEO BITES - these are only 2-3 minutes long.


Either way, be sure to maximize implementation of ideas by using the unique online Action Plan functionality that you’ll find beneath each video that you watch. 


  Module 1: Introduction to recruitment  153 minutes
Overview of the recruitment market 14:56
10 key traits of the world’s biggest billers 27:35
Building Client Relationships 15:27
Get the Sales Edge 41:24
10 tips to improve your billings 53.54
  Module 2: Professional selling  76 minutes
Establishing a need like a SuperBiller™ 23:34
How to deal with tough recruitment objections 36:15
  Module 3: New business development 124 minutes
Win easy new business via client referrals 18:58
Making business winning easier 08:01
How To Win Business Without Cold Calling 23:46
Marketing candidates to make placements 20:13
Verbal referencing to win business 33:18
Building a marketing campaign 20.28
  Module 4: Candidate Generation 99 Minutes
The most effective approach to get candidate referrals 20:19
Opportunistic sourcing 29:27
Fill more jobs by re-generating candidates 11:53
The magic of peer references 23.48
  Generating candidates from clients 23.50
  Module 4a: Online candidate sourcing 46 Minutes
Boolean search strings 20:31
Sourcing techniques on Facebook 12:19
Social sourcing 12:57
  Module 5: Headhunting 155 Minutes
Effective Recruiting Presentations 39:58
Generating candidates through headhunting (Part 1) 47:59
Generating candidates through headhunting (Part 2) 30:46
Headhunting 35:33
  Module 6: The Interview process 34 Minutes
Interview Secrets of the Big Billers 33:40
  Module 7: Arranging interviews 111 Minutes
How to arrange more interviews 30:56
Using a CV as a sales document 23.57
Hit That Target 24.48
How to Improve Your Interview to Placement Ratio 30.39
  Module 8: Dealing with the counter offer 17 Minutes
Minimising the risk of the counter offer 16.34
  Module 9: Taking and filling vacancies 78 Minutes
The power of detail and how to make your jobs easier to fill 30:32
Make Your Vacancies Easier to Fill 46:31
  Module 10: Exclusivity  85 Minutes
Job exclusivity and interview slots 29:56
Closing Clients for Exclusivity 34.33
How to get quality candidates to register with you exclusively 20:15
  Module 11: Interview preparation 42 Minutes

Make more placements through interview preparation

Magic Wand 21:02
  Module 12: Rate and fee negotiation 46 Minutes

Secrets of Client Rate Negotiation

Pre-negotiation 06:57
4 Biggest negotiation mistakes 07:33
  Module 13: Planning and time management 136 Minutes
Taking Control: The Recipe for Success 29:02
• The secrets of time management in recruitment 1:06:59
  Module 14: Social media  111 Minutes
Social media, PR and the web 05.58
LinkedIn strategies Part 1 42:35
LinkedIn strategies Part 2 14:33
Social recruiting 33:24
Social engagement 13:04



  Module 15: Client meetings 34 Minutes
Turning Clients into Big Business 33:49
  Module 16: Account development  64 Minutes
Keeping clients happy and maximising accounts 30:14
Module 17: More advanced business development
163 Minutes
Advanced business development 37:52
Cracking Preferred Supplier Listings – part 1 33:16
Cracking Preferred Supplier Listings – part 2 43:18
Cracking Preferred Supplier Listings – part 3 44:54
• Strategic conversations to develop major accounts 04:05
  Module 18: Networking 118 Minutes
The Secrets of Professional Networking 53:32
Networking to source new business & new candidates 23:57