Recruiter Video Bites

The short, high-quality recruitment training 'VIDEO BITES' in this section (2-3 minutes each) have been carefully designed:

1. So that you can learn or refresh 1 or 2 new ideas per day on your smartphone, tablet or PC with minimal effort.

2. To be used as a catalyst for short internal training sessions, for example:

A manager identifies that several of her staff are not asking for referrals. She gets the team together for a brainstormer/training session about referrals and plays an appropriate short video. The team then discusses the video and the manager draws out ideas from the team that can be actioned quickly (which also helps to increase employee engagement). After the short brainstorming session, actions are agreed and input into the online action plan tool within

Using the online tools within the manager ensures a greater ROI for the business by tracking which actions have been implemented.

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Come back regularly, as we'll be adding new videos every month to give your recruitment company an ongoing competitive advantage.

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