Director Courses

The courses below contain world class recruitment director expertise from leading industry experts and hugely successful recruitment entrepreneurs.


To give your company a competitive edge, simply choose from the 23 hours worth of high-quality content below. Note that you can maximize implementation by making notes in the online action plan beneath each video.


If time is at a premium you'll find many shorter director level videos within the VIDEO BITES menu on the blue toolbar above. Come back regularly, as we'll be adding new courses to give your recruitment company an ongoing competitive advantage.


  Preparing your business for exit 83 minutes
Plan and maximise the value of your recruitment business for a successful future sale.  
Process of exiting your business (Steven Raize) 41:03
8 factors that dictate the value of a business (Romney Rawes) 42:08
  Powerful recruiter strategies 46 minutes
Techniques, processes and methodologies from some of the world’s biggest billers.
8 of the most powerful recruiter strategies (Mike Walmsley) 46:28
  Recruiting recruiters 214 minutes
Identify the best new business winners. Turn your business into a ‘talent magnet’. Reduce the risk of costly bad hires.  
Recruiting recruiters - Part 1 (Mike Walmsley) 1:08:40
Recruiting recruiters - Part 2 (Mike Walmsley) 44:18
Structured staff selection - Part 1 (Romney Rawes) 40:52
Structured staff selection - Part 2 (Romney Rawes) 1:02:52
  Commission schemes 54 minutes
How to create and implement the perfect commission scheme for your business.
Designing a commission scheme (Romney Rawes) 53:35
  Winning major accounts 145 Minutes
How to differentiate your service and maximise your chances of success. The tender process and how to avoid mistakes.  
Cracking PSL's - Session 1 (Mike Walmsley) 33:16
Cracking PSL's - Session 2 (Mike Walmsley) 43:18
Cracking PSL's - Session 3 (Mike Walmsley) 44:54
  Brand and talent 116 Minutes
Enhance your ability to attract, motivate and retain the best recruiting talent. Differentiate your offering with a strong brand and creative strategy.  
Brand and talent (Kevin Keohane) 1:05:20
Welcoming new starters (Sir Eric Peacock) 11:41
  Online sourcing 46 Minutes
Sharpen the online sourcing skills of your staff to find those needle-in-a-haystack candidates.  
Boolean search to source candidates (Social Talent) 20:31
Sourcing techniques on Facebook (Shane McCusker) 12:19
Social sourcing (Shane McCusker) 12:57
  Marketing and PR 157 Minutes
Powerful strategies and ideas to generate incoming clients and candidate enquiries from the web.  
7 deadly marketing mistakes (Terry Edwards) 37:42
Why PR matters and how it makes you money (Tracey Barrett) 1:21:42
  Writing effective job adverts (Lisa Jones) 26:27
  Social engagement (Shane McCusker) 13:04
  Recruitment stories 42 Minutes
Industry legends share their successes, failures and inspirational moments from their personal experiences.  
My recruitment story (David Higgins) 15:09
Meeting Steve Jobs (Sir Eric Peacock) 27:26
  Team motivation 116 Minutes
Find out the secrets of motivating and understanding your teams personal needs to ensure your business has the best year ever.  
How to have your best year ever - Part 1 (Nigel Risner) 37:18
How to have your best year ever - Part 2 (Nigel Risner) 29:44
How to have your best year ever - Part 3 (Nigel Risner) 35:13
Celebrating high performance (Sir Eric Peacock) 14:07
  Perm differentiators 162 Minutes
Romney Rawes takes you through 10 differentiators that could transform your ability to win and retain business in the perm market.  
Perm differentiators - Part 1 (Romney Rawes) 10:51
Perm differentiators - Part 2 (Romney Rawes) 30:40
Perm differentiators - Part 3 (Romney Rawes) 11:59
Perm differentiators - Part 4 (Romney Rawes) 13:24
Perm differentiators - Part 5 (Romney Rawes) 23:15
Perm differentiators - Part 6 (Romney Rawes) 21:36
Perm differentiators - Part 7 (Romney Rawes) 19:48
Perm differentiators - Part 8 (Romney Rawes) 14:50
Implementing differentiators (Romney Rawes) 15:18
  Temp differentiators  80 Minutes
Romney Rawes takes you through 10 differentiators that could transform your ability to win and retain business in the temp market.  
Temp differentiators - Part 1 (Romney Rawes) 17:29
Temp differentiators - Part 2 (Romney Rawes) 09:18
Temp differentiators - Part 3 (Romney Rawes) 09:52
Temp differentiators - Part 4 (Romney Rawes) 15:21
Temp differentiators - Part 5 (Romney Rawes) 13:47
Implementing differentiators (Romney Rawes) 15:18
  Leadership development 193 Minutes

The qualities of the very best leaders. How to develop a winning vision. Positioning your business as the #1 employer of choice.

Inspirational leadership (Sir Eric Peacock) 1:21:52
Leadership development - Session 1 (Mike Walmsley) 24:34
Leadership development - Session 2 (Mike Walmsley) 30:22
Leadership development - Session 3 (Mike Walmsley) 27:40
Leadership development - Session 4 (Mike Walmsley) 29:01
  Internal training  76 Minutes

Install a culture of learning and development in your business to increase profit, attract talent and retain your best people.

Train the trainer (Pin Patel) 1:15:42