Reality Recruitment (APSCO)


820 APSCO videos  15 New videos per month Multiple languages World class content

New Revenue Streams: How much extra recurring revenue could you generate if your members could also subscribe to 820 recruitment training videos branded as APSCO?

New territories: As you’ll see from one of the four training videos below (delivered in spoken French), your branded content can also be enabled in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese and most other languages. Think how this could help you to gain greater traction and increased revenues in global markets.

USP: Stand out from the pack and increase sales by enabling your customers with the world’s best recruitment training.

Customer retention: Retain revenue even when a APSCO member chooses to switch to another trade association. Keep the APSCO brand in front of all recruiters who use the APSCO-branded training videos. 

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Our content is used by thousands of recruiters around the globe:

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Étape 25: Arrangez des premiers entretiens verbalement

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Minimise The Risk Of Counter Offers

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Generating Candidates When A Candidate Lets You Down

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Turning FOJ (Found Own Job) into New Business

Experienced recruiters can become APSCO members

The unique APSCO ‘Reality Recruitment’ videos are designed for weekly micro-training with experienced recruiters. 

Imagine thousands of non-APSCO customers seeing your brand on a daily, weekly or monthly basis before they end up setting up their own recruitment companies.


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