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Construction recruitment

"My business turned into a talent magnet"

The LMS from, and particularly the content within it, was instrumental in growing my construction recruitment business from $700,000-$15 million.

What I’m about to say next is probably obvious to most recruitment business owners, but hardly anyone grasps the nettle. I decided that in order to grow the business significantly we needed to be able to attract the best talent and that as part of that we had to win an industry award. The LMS gave as a clear point of difference when we entered the ‘Best recruitment training in Australia’ award in 2017. There is no doubt that our LMS was the crucial factor in enabling us to win that award. After that, my business turned into a talent magnet.

A quick word on the content. One of my contract team went on a business development meeting with a prospect client who had 20 contractors working for them via our competitor. My recruiter used a technique directly from one of the videos called ‘the replacement hire.’ The outcome of that single technique was that the client switched to my business, and not only did we take those contractors, we also charged the client more than they had been charged previously via a huge international recruitment company. Beautiful.

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