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IT recruitment company

"I love our tailored career paths"

I have 90 staff in my IT recrutiment business and whilst I’m a big believer in training, which we do more or less every week, I saw a massive opportunity for the company during the coronavirus lockdown.

We invested in a Learning Management System from a couple of years ago but, if I’m honest, we were so busy with the expansion of the business at the time, that in the main, we used the content provided by them rather than adding our own content (although their content is superb).

Two of my senior management team have now grabbed hold of this project, so that we can take even greater advantage of the upturn when it comes. Not only do every single one of my staff have access to high quality training online, but we’re now adding our own content and creating specific development programmes from trainee, through to experienced recruiter, team leader and manager. Our model for promotion within the business is different to most recruitment companies and I love the fact that we’ve been able to tailor our career journey paths within the LMS at no cost.

The CEO of the business, Mike Walmsley, advised us how to create and add our own videos free of charge and I hope that by this time next year we will have over a hundred videos of our own sitting alongside the 700 videos from

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