Free recruitment training for experienced recruiters

Attention Managers: Improve 200 recruiter skills in just 12 months

Live training made easy. And it’s free 😊

The best way to use these unique skill improvement tools is to choose the most appropriate Reality Recruitment video that will fix an issue identified by your manager(s) during the working week.

Simply task your managers to use the free videos below to facilitate up to 4 x twenty-minutes, live and interactive micro-training sessions with your experienced recruiters (or sharp trainees).

Remember to ensure that your managers secure commitment from their recruiters to implement at least one improvement at the end of each session over the next 4 weeks.

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Minimise The Risk Of Counter Offers

Reality Recruitment

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Generating candidates when a candidate lets you down

Reality Recruitment​

Client Referrals From New Clients

Reality Recruitment​

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Turning FOJ (Found Own Job) into New Business

Reality Recruitment​

Micro-training for over 200 different scenarios

Covering everything from candidate & client control, objection handling, headhunting and candidate referrals, new business, account management and more. Plus unique AI for Recruiters/Managers courses

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