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"This is not fluffy foundational training"

Furloughed recruiter

I suggested to my boss that, whilst I was furloughed in March 2020 as a result of the coronavirus crisis, that I would like to refresh my skills so that soon as the upturn begins I’d be ready to take advantage.

Unfortunately, my boss said that training was too expensive and so I did some research and came across Initially, I paid £180 for 12 months subscription out of my own pocket, but when I showed my director and told him about the low price he then said he would pay for my subscription, as well as two more for my other colleagues, who have also been furloughed.

I have six years experience, but being able to learn from £million billers within the LMS has taught me some cute new skills. Whilst I’m not supposed to work whilst being furloughed, I couldn’t wait to use one of the techniques and so I rang an old client of mine to catch up and during our conversation I used Mike Walmsley’s ‘replacement hire’ technique. Perhaps I was lucky on the first call, but I picked up a vacancy as a result. I’m coming off furlough now.

Make no mistake, this is not fluffy foundational training – it’s pure gold for experienced recruiters to improve their skills.
Furloughed recruiter
| Experienced recruiter

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