The Uncomfortable Truth About Your Managers - and Why it Costs You £100,000s.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Your Managers
and Why it Costs You £100,000s.

Jump in a helicopter with me and take a look down on your staff. How many of them could and should be billing at least an extra £25,000 to £50,000 a year?

Assuming you have, say, 10 recruiters that’s an extra £250,000 to £500,000 that should be in your company bank account?

So why isn’t it?

There are reasons why some recruiters bill 5 or 10 times more than others in the same marketplace, with the same types of candidates, a similar work ethic, and similar intellect.

I know this because I billed £1M in a single year myself, and I’ve coached many people to double or treble their billings—and yet trade associations tell us that average industry billings per recruiter hover around £100,000.

You can change that, starting today.

Let’s wave a magic wand.

In the next 12 months, every one of your staff will improve one skill per week AND IT WON’T COST YOU A PENNY.

I’m talking about 10 recruiters, improving c 50 skills each throughout the next year.

That’s 500 improvements in the next 12 months!

And, to repeat, it’s FREE.

I stumbled across this simple, free billings improvement strategy many years ago – and it’s this…

My managers train their staff reactively for 30 minutes every week

“Hold on a moment,” I hear you say….

“They haven’t got time.”

To be blunt, do you want that extra £250,000 to £500,000 in your bank account or not?

“They’ve all been trained.”

Are you telling me that if you assessed the capability of your staff on a scale of 1 to 10, (with 10 being the best in the world), in objection handling, new business development, securing candidate and client referrals, headhunting, closing for exclusivity, fee defence (and 50 other measures)—that they would all be 10 out of 10?

In fact, how would you assess your managers on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best in the world, against even the few points above?

“The recruiters won’t want to invest 30 minutes per week.”

Let me be blunt again. This is a management issue.

“My managers aren’t good at training recruiters.”

They don’t need to become trainers. All they do is facilitate.

A good trainer could show you how to run short, facilitated training sessions in less than one hour. Or you can save that cost, and I’ll explain it to you for free and I’ll also gift you a 100-page management training manual that will help buy your managers into powerful concepts that drive improved performance (book a time in my diary here.)

“We have an internal trainer.”

Great, but don’t you think that your managers ought to know the most about what needs improving within their teams? Remember, this is a reactive development that improves performance weekly. It’s not an internal training session that your staff can attend ‘if they feel like they need a refresher.’

Average people tend to give excuses for not taking action.

Average people are happy trundling along. They don’t like change. Ask them to read a chapter of a world-class sales book or a clip from a powerful recruitment training video and they tell you there’s nothing new to learn (but YOU KNOW they should all be billing an extra £25,000 to £50,000 a year.

So why not consider this? Stop accepting these kinds of excuses and incentivise your managers to manage the development of their staff.

Three levels of management compensation.

  1. The base salary that is paid for services provided against the ongoing accountabilities and deliverables aligned with their contract of employment.
  2. MBOs that are paid against the successful achievement of predefined Critical Success Factors and milestones for each manager—PROOF OF WEEKLY TRAINING CAN BE ONE OF THESE.
  3. Bonuses when revenue and/or margin growth is consistent with company targets.

Suppose your managers were incentivised via MBOs to improve the performance of their team. Can you imagine how many of the low achiever excuses would disappear (and that in 12 months’ time, that extra £250,000 to £500,000 could be in your company bank account?) is a leading provider of recruitment training, offering over 700 industry videos that aim to enhance the skills of every recruiter in your business and acquire the best recruitment-specific management techniques. Through a recruitment-specific Learning Management System, you can efficiently manage all learning within your organization while benefiting from unique learning accountability tools that promote the effective implementation of knowledge. To explore further, simply click the ‘Show Me How‘ button below.

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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