Training Manual for recruiters

A tailored recruitment training manual for your recruitment business
Training Manual

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For all levels of recruiters

Do you have a world-class training manual that explains in fine detail the attitude of the world’s top performing recruiters, over 30 ways to find candidates without the web, how to make vacancies/contract requirements easier to fill, how to headhunt, how to deal with tough objections, how to win new business every week – and much, much more?

This 250 page manual was personally written by Mike Walmsley, one of the world’s leading recruitment experts. It encompasses 25 years of high-level knowledge and training for recruiters, which will save you months if not years of building your own because, once you have it, you will be able edit and tailor your own content into the document. As with all our products, we will fully brand the tailored document to your business.