Private mentoring from the world’s top recruitment trainer

Thousands of recruiters around the world attribute much of their success to techniques they learned from the original SuperBiller, Mike Walmsley.
Now, for the very first time, you can hire the world’s top recruitment trainer to coach your top billers to the next level and add £10,000s to £100,000s to their annual billings

- just £250 per delegate.

"The content and delivery is the best and most valuable I have seen in 12+ years. I am billing around £400k but I can now see how to bill £1M "

- PC, Amoria Bond

“One technique helped me to move from £300K to £1.8M billings”

- JD, Levy

Exclusively for top billers

Mike will open the eyes of your top performers with a deep insight into the best techniques for business development, candidate sourcing, use of AI, social selling, improving interview-to-placement and much more.

A maximum of six top billers will be mentored by Mike on a monthly basis and will receive access to a treasure-trove of powerful processes that Mike use it personally to improve billings consistency.

During these powerful, one-hour web-based workshops, Mike will not only focus upon improving the skills of your top billers, he will reveal exactly what it takes to become one of the best recruiters in the world.


Pre-course Skills Gap Analysis

Mike's unique 300 point Skills Gap Analysis tool will reveal hidden areas of billing improvement and will ensure that your delegates receive tailored advice to improve performance


Re-training exercises

Delegates will use the Aristotle principal - “the purest knowledge of your art is an ability to teach it”- after each session to not only improve their own new knowledge, but to cascade it throughout your business


Additional learning

Mike will assign diagnose additional learning to your delegates, inbetween his one-hour, monthly coaching sessions, based upon their Skills Gap Analysis and topics discussed in the coaching workshops.

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and join a select group of no more than six top billers who will engage in monthly mentorship sessions with Mike Walmsley.

Mike's knowledge and expertise is sought after around the globe

Mike has trained thousands of recruiters in; UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, USA, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Australia. And many more via his online training. He is the only recruitment trainer to have spoken at all the recruitment trade associations and bodies below in; USA, Canada, South Africa, UK, Singapore and Australia.