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Courses And Videos For Recruiters And Managers

Unlock the power of continuous learning with an annual subscription to our exclusive video training content. Gain round-the-clock access to a comprehensive collection of over 75 courses tailored for trainees, experienced recruiters, and managers.

Our trainee recruiter courses are designed to streamline the onboarding process in your business, ensuring a smooth transition for new team members. Meanwhile, our unique Reality Recruitment videos are specifically crafted to equip managers with the ability to enhance at least one skill per week for each experienced recruiter on their teams, while simultaneously sharpening their own expertise.

Your managers will also enjoy recruitment specific management training courses on performance management, building high-performance teams recruiting recruiters, managing through process and much more.

You will have access to our entire library of current content, which includes over 75+ courses and 800+ recruiter and manager videos. What’s more, we continuously expand our offerings by adding approximately 20 new videos per month, ensuring your staff continually improve for years to come. With an annual subscription, you receive these new additions at no extra charge, allowing you to continuously enhance your knowledge and skills without any additional cost.

Our content is used by hundreds of recruitment companies around the globe including:

Hays, Morgan Hunt, Gap Personnel, Gattaca, McGinley Group, The Shore Group, Seek, First Recruitment Group, Manpower and Cordant

Instant Access To All These Courses

Choose from our flexible subscription options:

  • Annual subscription within your own Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Add a low-cost subscription to one of our Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a comprehensive learning experience.

We value your input! Let us know what kind of content you would like us to create, and we’ll prioritize your requests for future course development.

Expert Video Production Team

Our inhouse content creation and video production team is targeted to produce 200+ recruitment videos a year. Think of the improvement you will be able to make with exclusive access to our continuous stream of new additions, all included at no extra cost.

Multilingual Capability

Our team is capable of creating content in various languages based on your specific requirements. Alternatively, simply enjoy English subtitles that make the learning easier for recruiters whose second language is English.

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