Don’t just socialise, close!

95% of recruiters get this wrong. Don’t just socialise, close.

Close your existing clients to call you exclusively with their next vacancy when socialising.

Yes, socialise with prospect clients and close them.

Try the Replacement Hire technique during those social meetings to pick up vacancies that don’t exist.

A big slice of my £Millions billings came from closing in cafés, bars, or restaurants. Prospect clients were my favourites (most recruiters only socialise with existing clients)

I love closing prospect clients in cafés and bars.

It’s easy when you know how. Big, expensive client events didn’t work as well for me as 1-to1s. Harder to pin down one client and close them. Wembley, Lords, Chelsea Flower Show, top London theatres. Yep, did them all and won business. But 1-to-1s work best for closers. You probably don’t close enough prospect clients to meet with you in a café or a bar? You probably focus on ‘entertaining’ or ‘building relationships’ rather than closing? And you probably don’t use the Replacement Hire Technique.

I say this with first-hand experience of training over 30,000 recruiters. Socialise more and you will win more business. Fine-tune your solution-selling and closing skills and you will win more business. Use the Replacement Hire technique and you will win more business.

PS – There’s no need to drink alcohol (I’m currently not drinking).

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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