Grill Those Potential New Business Winners

More than you do now. Hammer them. Without putting them off. Pretty much everyone wants new business winners with the following attributes:

  • No fear
  • Great communicator
  • Able to think on their feet
  • Coachable
  • Resilient
  • A rainmaker

But there are two conundrums:

  1. Finding star trainees /experienced recruiters ain’t easy
  2. Pinpointing the best new business winners can be a challenge

Let me explain one of the ways I pinpoint new business winners by telling you about a trainee recruiter called Dave. Dave became a top new business winner for me. He was one of my candidates. Great personality, outgoing, confident. So, I pitched him to become a trainee recruiter. I vividly remember Dave’s first interview with me.

Of course, I was professional and I sold the opportunity – but apart from that, I grilled him. I well and truly hammered Dave with tough, recruitment role-plays. For two reasons. Firstly, so that he could get a feel for what recruitment sales is like. And secondly so that I could assess his persuasive skills, his ability to think on his feet and his resilience.

He failed. But he wanted another go.
And another.
And another.

Resilience nailed, Dave. Persuasiveness was good, could be sharpened – but he was a rough diamond (who became a star). He proved he was very receptive to feedback, and he showed that he’s highly coachable. Then I went on the ‘Attack’. The Attack is an interview technique that assesses how your prospect salesperson might deal with rejection.

“Dave, you’ve done quite well today, but I have other candidates that performed better on the role play. I’m not sure if you’re ready for this role yet.”

Dave sat up in his chair and fought back, with persuasiveness and passion, convincing me that that he could turn rejection into success. By the way, some candidates just crumble, say, “thanks” and leave when you use the Attack. It’s a great way to flush out weaker performers. On my LinkedIn post yesterday out of the blue, Dave, messaged me saying, “thank you for everything you taught and shared with me”.

Dave, it’s me who should say thanks. All I did was select well and guide you on your journey.

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