The Biggest Billers Live In a Bubble

The biggest billers live in a bubble They stay in their candidate or client bubble for several hours at a time.

Totally focused.

No small talk when you’re in your bubble. No admin when you’re in your bubble. No internal meetings you’re in your bubble. Total focus on candidates and clients. A loo break is fine (obviously). Coffee at your desk is fine (ideally if someone else is making). A few laughs is fine (ideally with candidates and clients) Dictated messages are fine (to candidates and clients).

Don’t let anyone into your bubble when you’re winning new business.

Not even if your boss wants to meet you at, say, 11am. Director: “Mike, can I borrow you for 5 minutes?” Mike: “I’m in the middle of business development. Is it urgent or can we meet at lunchtime?” Your bubble protects you and ensures that you contact clients and candidates that you otherwise wouldn’t have contacted. You get more done when you’re focused.

It’s a key reason why I billed £Millions Focus gets things done.

I call it my bubble.

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