How recruiters can survive and thrive in the AI revolution

How Recruiters Can Survive And Thrive In The AI Revolution

AI is fundamentally changing how recruiters operate, creating threats for laggards or huge opportunities, efficiencies and significant competitive advantage for those that embrace it.

AI technologies for recruiters are emerging daily

Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving field of AI for recruiters is no small task, as it requires constant research, analysis, and adaptation. The opportunity is so big that you, like my business, might even consider employing an AI Analyst who is dedicated to researching and advising on the best AI practices and technologies for recruiters.

However, there’s one crucial factor that remains irreplaceable in recruitment: the art of selling. AI can excel in drafting LinkedIn posts and job adverts, data analysis, automation, chatbots and more but when it comes to the power of persuasion, influence, and controlling candidate or client interactions, professional sales ability reigns supreme.

There is a huge opportunity to improve recruiter performance.

By pioneering the use of AI analysis in recruiter-candidate and recruiter-client conversations, my business has been able to dramatically improve recruiter sales skills and activity levels in a way that’s never been done before. Using a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence, expert live follow-up coaching and Reality Recruitment training videos, we can drive huge performance improvements for recruiters. Often on the same day as the training is delivered.

Ground-breaking Analysis: Our ground-breaking methodology ‘listens’ to your recruiter-candidate and recruiter-client conversations, almost as if it were you or your managers. Our AI algorithms and expert trainers then intelligently analyze these interactions, extracting valuable insights and patterns that were previously inaccessible. This cutting-edge approach enables us to uncover hidden opportunities and identify areas for improvement, and then fix them.

Expert Live Follow-Up Coaching: While AI analysis identifies missed candidate and client opportunities and pinpoints areas of development, it’s only part of the billings-improvement puzzle. That’s why we combine our AI technology with expert live follow-up coaching for managers and/or recruiters to ensure personalized guidance and support based on the AI analysis. This blended approach ensures that recruiters receive tailored coaching from an expert recruitment trainer or from your managers, enabling them to apply the insights from AI analysis in real-world scenarios and rapidly improve performance.

See case study of £19,350 improvement in under 2 months here

Reality Recruitment Training Videos: In addition to the AI analysis and expert coaching, our Reality Recruitment training videos serve as a catalyst for rapid performance improvements. These videos offer unique learning experiences, based upon real-life recruitment situations, that managers can use interactively to improve one skill per week. This tailored learning format accelerates their learning curve and equips managers with superior coaching skills.

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