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What is Prompt Perfect?

As an AI Analyst, I’m researching 5,500 AI tools to help recruiters maximise their use of AI. One of my frustrations with ChatGTP is that it sometimes gives inaccurate results and lacks depth. If you’ve suffered from the same frustrations, it’s probably because you have not prompted the AI effectively. Prompting an AI is a skill in itself, one that ironically can be done by an AI.

Prompt Perfect is a FREE plugin within ChatGPT 4 that enhances the quality of your request with ChatGPT. Prompt Perfect works by rephrasing your requests to make them clearer, more specific, and contextually accurate. This results in improved responses from ChatGPT, making your interactions more meaningful and productive. This article will guide you through the process of utilizing this plugin. Good news for those who have ChatGPT plus as plugins such as Prompt Perfect are free! Although this feature is yet to be rolled out to free users (but will eventually be).

How do I use Prompt Perfect?

To use the plugin, simply type ‘perfect’ before your prompt. The plugin will then evaluate your input and transform it into a more effective prompt. This process is seamless and intuitive, requiring no technical expertise.

The benefits of the ‘Perfect’ plugin are manifold. It enhances the clarity of your prompts, ensuring that the AI model understands your queries better. This leads to more accurate and relevant responses. Furthermore, it saves time by reducing the need for repeated prompts and clarifications.

How do I install the Prompt Perfect plugin?

In order to use Plugins (such as Prompt Perfect) within ChatGPT. ChatGPT plus is required as plugins are only currently available for ChatGPT 4. Beta features must also be turned on in settings.

Which can be found by clicking these three arrows on the bottom left of the screen.

Then click settings.

After that, this should pop up.

Now go to beta features tab and turn on plugins:

Once Plugins is turned on, simply click on ChatGPT 4, which will lead to this popup below:

Then click Plugins 🙂. Now you should see “Plugin Store” as seen below:

Now this menu will appear, where you can type in the search bar “Prompt Perfect”.

Now you should see Prompt Perfect

This is what you want to install. 

And once you click install, all you have to do now is type Perfect before your text within ChatGPT. Try this for example: Perfect write me a blog on AI technologies in the recruitment industry.

Now Prompt Perfect will write a prompt for you 🙂

Congratulations, you have now finished your installation of Prompt Perfect! is a leading provider of recruitment training, offering over 700 industry videos that aim to enhance the skills of every recruiter in your business and acquire the best recruitment-specific management techniques. Through a recruitment-specific Learning Management System, you can efficiently manage all learning within your organization while benefiting from unique learning accountability tools that promote the effective implementation of knowledge. To explore further, simply click the ‘Show Me How‘ button below.

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