Planning is Over-rated by Recruiters

Nike was right. Just Do It.

Not the good planning.

I mean the over-planning which holds you back.

🛠️ Over-Planners do this:

Create their plan when they arrive
Check emails
Reply to LinkedIn messages
‘Research’ target customers to death
Prefer sending emails to target clients
Spend ages writing emails and LinkedIn messages
Say that the phone is ‘old fashioned’
Get distracted
Complain when targets don’t reply to messages
Distract others
Fear failure
Don’t diarise follow up calls
Don’t fail enough
Leave without achieving much
Never analyse their day to improve tomorrow’s plan
Complain that targets are unrealistic

🚀 Good planners do this:

Arrive early with the day’s activity planned out
Scan emails and LinkedIn messages for priority (leave rest until lunchtime)
Start dialling whilst colleagues are ‘planning’
Research targets whilst dialling (scan LinkedIn and website)
Think on their feet – don’t fear failure
Call rather than reply to warm LinkedIn messages
Use the CRM effectively – if a target is not in, diarise for tomorrow
Fail – a lot
Diarise failed calls for more attempts to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’
Exceed their planned activity targets
Analyse their day and improve tomorrow’s plan
Leave satisfied with over-achievement

Nike got it right – Just Do It

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