The Best AI tools for Recruiters: Review #1

The Best AI tools for Recruiters: Review #1

Veteran recruitment directors will remember the days when they could never get their recruiters to update their CRM after a client meeting.

When I talk about veterans, I mean those of you who were recruitment managers pre-November 2022 when AI went mainstream 😊

In today’s world, more and more candidate and client meetings are conducted over Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. Imagine if there were some AI that could integrate seamlessly into every Web meeting and not only give you a near perfect transcript of the conversation, but also a summary with action points?

We tried out and, and we’ve chosen to integrate Fireflies into our daily workflow. It has tremendous applications, not only for recruiter meetings and candidate interviews, but also for identifying training needs.

It’s not perfect and sometimes it pulls out actions that it shouldn’t, but it’s is a massive timesaver.

One of our directors recently used it for a virtual board meeting and he said that instead of spending a couple of hours compiling the minutes of the meeting, it was done in 15 minutes for both the actions and summary of the meeting ready to be sent out.

It costs $10 per month if paid annually although I would recommend that you start with the $18 per month package and test it out for yourself first. As a time-saver, we rate it 9/10. In terms of functionality, we give it 8/10. is a leading provider of recruitment training, offering over 700 industry videos that aim to enhance the skills of every recruiter in your business and acquire the best recruitment-specific management techniques. Through a recruitment-specific Learning Management System, you can efficiently manage all learning within your organization while benefiting from unique learning accountability tools that promote the effective implementation of knowledge. To explore further, simply click the ‘Show Me How‘ button below

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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