If You've Never Flown a Plane Before, At Least Read The Manual

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where the success of your business depends on the proficiency of your team, ensuring that your recruiters are on the same page as your company is crucial. 

What would happen if your newly hired experienced and trainee recruiters learned your company success formula – or ๐™—๐™ก๐™ช๐™š๐™ฅ๐™ง๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™ฉ – faster?

By blending technology and strategic planning, you can significantly reduce the time-to-bill and elevate your recruitment business to new heights.

1. Plan What You Need Them to Learn

Begin by outlining a comprehensive plan of the skills and knowledge you want your recruiters to acquire. Establish clear objectives and milestones that align with your company’s success blueprint.

2. Add Your Own Content

Integrate your unique insights and experiences into the training material. Personalize the learning experience by sharing real-world scenarios, case studies, and success stories that resonate with your company’s ethos.

3. Inject the Best External Content

Acknowledge the wealth of knowledge beyond your organization. Curate and incorporate the most relevant and up-to-date external content, ensuring your recruiters gain diverse perspectives and industry insights.

4. Use a Learning Management System (LMS)

Invest in a robust Learning Management System to centralize and streamline your training process. An LMS facilitates organized content delivery, progress tracking, and seamless communication among your team.

5. Ensure Your LMS has Learning Accountability (Not Multiple-Choice Tests)

Opt for an LMS that emphasizes learning accountability over traditional multiple-choice assessments. Interactive assignments, practical tasks, and skill demonstrations are more effective in gauging true comprehension and application.

6. Save 20 Hours per Week through Blended Learning

Maximize the potential of blended learning by combining live training sessions, articles, recruitment training videos, on-the-job tasks, YouTube videos, and personal messages from leadership. This holistic approach caters to diverse learning preferences and accelerates skill acquisition.

7. Weed Out Inefficiency: Learning Accountability

Hold your team accountable for their learning progress. Implement learning accountability measures and, if necessary, be prepared to part ways with individuals who fail to demonstrate the required competencies.

8. Hire, Repeat, and Expand

Once you’ve fine-tuned your training process, scale it by hiring a second batch of recruiters. Repeat the training cycle, incorporating lessons learned, and continue expanding your team with confidence.

In the words of Alex Elliott, โ€œItโ€™s all about world-class training. Every high-performance sales culture Iโ€™ve ever been involved with had L&D at its core.โ€ By adopting these eight steps, you ensure that your team not only learns but thrives in the dynamic world of recruitment. After all, if you’re going to navigate the skies of success, make sure your team has read the manual.

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Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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