Unleashing the Power of AI in Recruitment

Unleashing the Power of AI in Recruitment

Since posting my recent article, AI And The Death of Recruitment, I’ve had lots of messages asking for help to better understand using AI in recruitment.

The obvious place to start is YouTube. I’ve spent a minimum of an hour a day on YouTube or other sources since last January. I’ve learned a lot about numerous AI tools but without interpretation and adaptation, your recruiters are unlikely to get the best advice from YouTube alone. Read on and I’ll share my findings…

Building Targeted Boolean Search Strings With AI

As an example, I found videos on YouTube showing how to use AI to build Boolean search strings but I struggled to find any with the deep insight used by big billers when crafting their search strings. Small things such as instructing the AI to include variations of the job title being searched for, or job title acronyms. Or including typos that a good candidate may have inadvertently made on their LinkedIn profile, for example. These clever tips enable recruiters to find more suitable candidates than your competitors from the same search but unless you prompt AI with this kind of knowledge your staff will simply use AI in a rudimentary way.

How to Write Job Advertisements With AI

In addition to analyzing job specifications and automatically generating search strings that target the most relevant candidates, AI can also analyse job specifications and produce compelling job adverts, making it easier to attract better candidates.

One recruiter that I trained recently told me that she had received her best ever candidate response from LinkedIn adverts and that the advert was written entirely by ChatGPT!

Writing LinkedIn Posts With AI

There are three main reasons why recruiters do not post as regularly as they could on LinkedIn. Firstly, many do not have confidence in their written English. Secondly, even the ones that are confident claim not to have time and thirdly, many recruiters cannot provide insight that appeals to candidates and clients.

It goes without saying that, well-written LinkedIn posts can position you and your recruiters as thought leaders in your niche. And AI can an infinite number of posts, optimized to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profiles. However, remember that the true magic lies in infusing your own expertise and insights into the content. Without your unique perspective, the content may fall short of captivating your readers. The key is teaching your staff how to use the best AI prompts to generate truly insightful and engaging content. One of my clients in Australia told me recently that I’d “let the genie out of the bottle” after I shared some of the ideas in this article with him. He told me that he is now “undertaking the biggest training initiative ever by training all 70 recruiters how to maximise their use of AI.”

Keyworded Recruitment Blogs Using AI

Additionally, AI can pave the way for keyworded recruitment blogs that not only drive SEO but also attract inbound leads from candidates and clients. Embrace the power of AI to rewrite articles without plagiarism, incorporating strategic keywords that elevate your online presence.

Turn Trainees into Experts with Interview Questions Drafted By AI

When I first came into recruitment I had about one year sales experience but no knowledge of financial markets, which was the sector that my first recruitment company specialised in. What did I do? I went out and bought a big, fat yellow book from WHSmith called ‘Finance for Dummies’ I read it from cover to cover and it quickly gave me a good enough understanding to be able to interview finance directors with some credibility.

In recent times, many of my recruitment training clients have added YouTube videos of relevant industry experts to their branded versions of our Learning Management System. Raw trainees can then learn industry terminology fast alongside, our recruitment sales training.

Today, with AI, it’s even easier. Simply prompt the AI to instantly generate interview questions and best practice answers for each job specification and AI can help to quickly turn your trainees into experts. See an example on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHhTkBwZltA

Using AI to Assess Candidates

AI can be used to assess a candidate’s CV against a job specification, breaking down their suitability against the job specification into a list of pros and cons. This not only saves time but also helps recruiters make more informed decisions about who to bring in for an interview.

Breaking Down Job Description Complexity With AI

Lastly, complex job descriptions no longer pose a challenge with AI’s assistance. By employing AI to break down the complexity, you gain a clear understanding of job requirements and responsibilities, enabling rookies to move forward with confidence and saving time for even the most seasoned of recruiters.

Now is the time to unleash the full potential of AI in your recruitment journey. If you like to access our AI for Recruiters or AI for Managers courses, message me on LinkedIn or WhatsApp me and I will happily pass on my learning to help you to reshape your recruitment landscape.

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