Fifteen Minutes Per Week. Pure Gold for Recruiters

Fifteen Minutes Per Week. Pure Gold for Recruiters.

How often have you sat deskside with one your recruiters in order to help them improve billings, avoid missed opportunities and become more efficient? During a big growth phase with one of my recruitment companies, I routinely sat deskside with 4 recruiters for 15 minutes per week. The results were outstanding. In what you might call, ‘the olden days‘(Pre-AI), I would start by putting the recruiter at ease, then sit next to them and observe. Or I’d dial in to live calls. I’d look for any efficiency that I could find. When the 15 minutes were up, I immediately typed up and printed off a simple one-page summary containing; the recruiter’s name, the date, the things I’d observed them doing well and the areas that I spotted where they missed opportunities or could have done things better. My recruiters absolutely loved it. And, equally as important, these very simple manager-coaching sessions led to big improvements.

It’s not the olden days anymore – use AI!!!!!!

In today’s world, it’s so much easier to have a much bigger impact. I now use AI to transcribe call recordings and/or Teams, Zoom or Hangout meetings, which are then analysed with a combination of AI and my recruitment trainers – see an example. If you’re looking to pinpoint areas of rapid improvement, this approach is hard to beat. I’d love to hear your feedback, because not every recruitment manager or director agrees as you’ll see from the results of a LinkedIn Poll I ran last month about the value of analysing call recordings to improve recruiters’ conversion levels with candidates and clients.

However, every recruitment director I personally know who has reviewed call recordings (and in today’s world, AI transcriptions) has told me they are powerful tools that identify issues and help improve performance. So, I’m a bit surprised at the 11% of people who voted negatively. Maybe they didn’t use AI for transcriptions?

Anyway, let me know your own view and feel free to reach out to me if you’d like one free AI recruiter coaching analysis report with your top biller.

From 169 votes, here are the results:

Click here to see the poll.

Many of my clients are now also using their anonymized transcripts within their learning Management Systems. This is so powerful for new hires – and for the people that manage them – as it enables them to learn from real-life conversations that actually happened in your business.

Here are some other reasons to consider AI Recruiter Coaching

1. Tailored Impact:

While call recordings capture the nuances and tone of conversations, transcriptions provide a written record of dialogue, allowing for in-depth analysis and review, plus anonymity for the recruiter if you wish to re-use the transcript for future training.  

2. The Learning Management System Advantage:

By integrating call recordings and anonymized transcriptions into your LMS, recruitment teams can create a centralized hub of knowledge and expertise. New hires have the opportunity to learn from successful conversations conducted by seasoned recruiters, providing them with real-world examples to emulate. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement, accelerating the development of new recruits and equipping them with effective communication strategies from the outset. 

3. Maximizing Learning Opportunities:

Recruiters can not only identify best practices and successful techniques, but they can learn first-hand from the mistakes of others. This first-hand exposure to real-life scenarios enables new hires to learn from good/bad experiences of their peers and enhance their skills through practical examples. 

4. Enhancing Communication Skills:

Listening to call recordings and reviewing transcriptions provides a unique opportunity for recruiters to fine-tune their communication skills. By critically analyzing their own interactions, recruiters can identify areas where they excel and pinpoint specific aspects that require improvement. This self-reflection enables recruiters to refine their verbal delivery, adapt their communication style, and develop strategies to build rapport, address objections, and influence candidates and clients effectively. 

5. Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement:

By utilizing call recordings and transcriptions within an LMS, recruitment teams foster a culture of continuous improvement. The accessibility of anonymized recordings and transcriptions serves as a shared resource for all team members, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices. This collective approach to learning ensures that the entire team benefits from the insights derived from call recordings, resulting in a more cohesive and effective recruitment process. is a leading provider of recruitment training, offering over 700 industry videos that aim to enhance the skills of every recruiter in your business and acquire the best recruitment-specific management techniques. Through a recruitment-specific Learning Management System, you can efficiently manage all learning within your organization while benefiting from unique learning accountability tools that promote the effective implementation of knowledge. To explore further, simply click the ‘Show Me How‘ button below.

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