5 Actions To Kickstart Your New Year

I’ve lived and breathed recruitment for as long as I can remember, I’ve coached countless recruiters, and billed $millions across hundreds of clients. 

Here are my top 5 actions to hold close to your heart in the New Year.

Meet more clients in 2024

You’ve heard me say this countless times – in my videos, at live events, on LinkedIn posts, yawn.

And I’m saying it now!

The two biggest billers I’ve coached did £2M and £1.8M respectively. I’ve also coached many £500K and £1M billers.

Apart from huge billings, the main thing they have in common is they meet and socialise with lots of clients on a weekly and monthly basis. I met 20 clients a month as a matter of routine. A £1.2 million biller that I worked with did 30 a month.

How on earth is that possible? 

Meet one client for a coffee before work begins, two hiring managers in another company in their offices on the same day, another client for a sandwich at lunchtime and perhaps one client for a quick drink after work. That’s five client meetings in one week, which is c20 a month.


More candidate referrals in 2024

Let’s assume you speak to 20 candidates in one day, and so do I.

I’ll hazard, a guess that you ask for a referrals 3 or 4 times whereas I ask 19 or 20 times (the only time I don’t ask is if I feel it’s inappropriate for some reason).

So, on the basis that I asked for referrals, six times more frequently than you do, and I probably do it with greater skill, can you see how I will fill more jobs than you as a direct result of that?

Come on guys, don’t make excuses! Hammer referrals in 2024.

The best BDev strategies in 2024

I’m still shocked at the number of recruiters who tell me that their business development strategy comprises sending emails and call calling.

Make it your mission in 2024 to find smarter ways into business decision-maker conversations – client referrals, turning candidates into clients, taking verbal references as a smart way into a decision-maker conversation, proactively marketing high-demand candidates to target companies who hire those types of individuals and ramping up your social selling on LinkedIn.

Don’t settle for second-best in 2024. Use the best techniques!!!

The best version of you in 2024

How did I outperform every recruiter that I ever worked with?

I’m hard-working, but there are many hard-working people in the world. I get on well with people, but so do many others. I’m pretty intelligent, but there are many people who are far more intelligent than me.

The fact is, I billed 5 to 10 times more than some people who worked alongside me. And yet they were doing the same job as me, with the same access to the same tools, the same candidates, the same clients.

Look, I’m a recruitment sales trainer and of course I understand the importance of using the best techniques.

But over and above that, the main reason for everything above was my attitude.

Make that change in 2024 and watch your billings soar.

New Year Resolution 2024

Do New Year resolutions mean anything to you? Or have you usually abandoned them by the 12th of January?

Of course, you may have some personal resolutions. So do I. But here is my business New Year resolution.

Double sales in 2024.

What’s yours?

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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