Pink Up the Phone and Dial

Pick up the phone and dial.

Coffee is for closers.

Ring, ring, cha-ching.

49 No’s = 1 Yes

You’ve heard the cliches.

But it seems that cold-calling is making a come-back.

Like me, you’ve probably seen young sales trainers making live cold calls on YouTube?

And winning business from those calls.

Personally, I think there are easier ways to win new business – they all involve the phone – but I’ll come back to that in a moment.

Here are the facts about cold calling.

  • Cold calling never died.
  • In the hands of skilled professionals, it works.
  • It requires confidence and resilience.
  • Only a small percentage are good at it.
  • Warm calling is much easier.

Back in the day, I made thousands of cold calls and I won a lot of business.

But in time, I found far more efficient ways to make business development calls, for example:

  • Verbal reference calls.
  • Candidate marketing calls.
  • Client referral calls.
  • Senior Candidate Tracking calls.
  • LinkedIn follow-up calls.
  • Networking follow-up calls.
  • ‘Sniper’ email follow-up calls.
  • Diarised calls after initial failed calls.

As a business developer, you have to be inventive.

To find a reason for your sales call and make it warmer. Anything.

Reception: “What’s the call in connection with?”

Recruiter: “It’s Jenny Jones, he connected with me today on LinkedIn”

In recruitment, warm calls work far better than cold calls. I learned the hard way because I made thousands of cold calls and thousands of warm calls.

Warning: Warm calls don’t always work.

Fact: Warm calls work more often than cold calls

But you know what? If I had no choice but to make a cold call, I’d do it.

Because I’m a business winner.

WhatsApp me on +447480 790288 and I’ll send you a free video that will help you win business without cold calling.

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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