You Don't Need More Job Description

You think you do, but you don’t.

You need Job Orders, Job Descriptions (JDs) damage your business.

  • They make you work harder than necessary
  • They waste your time
  • They make it harder for you to sell opportunities to candidates
  • They lead to matching mistakes
  • They make clients angry at your mistakes
  • They make it easier for clients to reduce your fees
  • They make it harder for you to close for retainers or exclusivity
  • They make it easier for smart competitors to ‘steal’ your clients
  • They lead to poor interview-to-placement ratios
  • They cause DNTU (Candidate Did Not Turn Up)
  • They are a major cause of candidates turning down your job offers
  • They don’t identify new business opportunities in other companies
  • They don’t direct you to candidates for your vacancies
  • They contribute to counter-offers
  • They are a major cause of poor time management
  • They are a major cause of low or average billings
  • They are #1 cause of recruitment mistakes

You don’t need more Job Descriptions.

You need more Job Orders

WhatsApp me on +44 7480 790288 and I’ll send a free Job Order template to you today.

Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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