The Recruitment Truth

The Recruitment Truth

It’s pure, it’s precious and it’s simple. Recruitment Truth protects you from recessions, disruptive technologies and disruptive legislation. It makes you more successful and enables you to earn 10 times more than colleagues who do the same job as you. 

Despite this, some of you won’t like the truth.

Because the truth is: RECRUITMENT IS A SALES JOB.

Some of you reading this are already convincing yourself that the Recruitment Truth is not true.

We are different.
We are consultative.
We are professional.
We don’t push our clients.
We don’t push our candidates.
We don’t sell the wrong things to our customers.

And you are missing the point. Because, and here’s the thing, 90% of sales people sell badly. The secret to selling is not pushing.

It’s questioning.

Asking better questions is consultative. Asking better questions makes you different. Asking better questions by default creates professionalism. Asking better questions to your clients means you don’t need to push because you’ve found out what they need. Asking better questions to your candidates means you don’t need to push because you’ve found out what they need. So let me ask you. Don’t good parents teach their children to tell the truth? So do the same with your recruiters. Teach them the Recruitment Truth. Teach them how to sell. Professionally.

Like the top 10% earners in the industry.

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Would you like to save 20 hours each time you hire?

And reduce your recruiters’ time time-to-bill…?

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